Caspian de Looze is the Owner and Creator of Tattoo 665. Caspian started out as an Artist by trade, He is especially prolific within the music industry, having completed board artwork for Metallica, The Foo Fighters, Pharrell Williams, Pink, Justin Bieber and most recently, One Direction. Cas is a true rock ‘n’ roll artist and the epitome of radness. Caspian combines the macabre, the psychedelic, the glamorous and the ever-so-slightly possessed in his meticulous and sometimes ridiculous illustrations, paintings and murals. His signature style is best described as photorealism on acid. He entered the world of Tattooing over a decade ago and has been fortunate enough to travel Australia and the globe, putting a permanent mark on many well known personalities such as Australia's own Mikey Wright. Caspian is extremely versatile in his tattooing ability, with specialities ranging from large colour oceanic themes, to delicate fine line floral and of course his signature black & grey edgy skull's. With a larger than life personality there is never a dull moment when experiencing a Tattoo with the man himself.

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